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NewsHACK Language Tech

We've prepared some technical resources info for those attending our second Language Tech hack.

API Documentation

BBC Juicer API

The BBC Juicer API Documentation contains instructions how to get started with the BBC News Labs Juicer API.

Please note you will need an API key to be able to make calls to the API.

BBC Content Store API

The BBC Content Store API (aka CANDY) provides an interface to BBC News content.

CANDY stands for "CPS and Dynamic", it integrates the Content Production System (CPS) with the Dynamic Semantic Publishing system (DSP).

Locator API Documentation

The Locator service is a HTTP API that allows you to discover and ask geospatial questions about places and other entities such as postcodes, news regions, councils etc.

Travel API Documentation

The Travel service is a HTTP API that allows you to discover real-time travel incidents throughout the UK. The Travel API can be queried by location, post code district, BBC News region or public transport operator.

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