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NewsHACK VIII - The 2015 News Industry Accelerator

Organised by BBC and the Global Editors Network, this hack will gather teams from News organisations, academic and research institutions and members of the Global Editors Network.

Important: See the #newsHACK site for more information

Submitting Your Project

Please submit your work to the GEN Community site before the pitch sessions today - which start at 1500. You can find guidelines and instructions in this pdf.

Explainer Videos

We've put together some explainer videos for our APIs which give a quick overview of the different services and API endpoints available.

API Documentation


To use some of the BBC APIs you will need an API Key, which we have created for this event:


You should replace the text {{apikey}} in the examples with this key.

Audio Sources

The BBC, and in particular the World Service, has a wide range of sources of Audio content. For this event we are providing direct access to some of these sources and demonstration data for some others.

Juicer API

Please note that content from the Juicer is suitable for use only for Research and Development purposes.

The Juicer is tool for automatic entity extraction and artchiving from BBC News Labs.

You can use it fetch the latest news as well running queries for news coverage from the BBC and other news organisations.

Check out the documentation for the Juicer API

Need geospatial or semantic multi-hop queries?

Check out the documentation for the Juicer Triplestore API

Locator API

The Locator service is a HTTP API that allows you to discover and ask geospatial questions about places and other entities such as postcodes, news regions, councils etc.

Check out the documentation for the Locator API

Content Store API

The BBC Content Store API (aka CANDY) provides an interface to BBC News content with structured metadata.

CANDY stands for "CPS and Dynamic", it integrates the Content Production System (CPS) with the Dynamic Semantic Publishing system (DSP).

The Content Store API is a production platform, used internally by the BBC on the BBC website and in BBC mobile apps.

In addition to English, the Content Store includes articles written in several languages.

Check out the documentation for the Content Store API

Travel API Documentation

The Travel service is a HTTP API that allows you to discover real-time travel incidents throughout the UK. The Travel API can be queried by location, post code district, BBC News region or public transport operator.

Weather Forecast Data

Food for thought: other APIs

We also recommend you have a look at what is available elsewhere in terms of content stores and services. Here are some examples that you may find useful:

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