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Content Store API (aka CANDY)


The Content Store API (aka CANDY) provides an interface to BBC News content.

CANDY stands for "CPS and Dynamic", it integrates the Content Production System (CPS) with the Dynamic Semantic Publishing system (DSP).

The Content Store API is a production platform, used internally by the BBC.

API key

You need to provide a valid API key as a query parameter on every request, i.e.{{api_key}}


At a minimum, "X-Candy-Platform" and "X-Candy-Audience" and "Accept" headers must be set with valid values when making a request.

X-Candy-Platform: Desktop
X-Candy-Audience: International
Accept: application/json

Header Options

  • X-Candy-Audience: Domestic or International
  • X-Candy-Platform: Desktop or Mobile
  • Accept: application/json or application/xml

REST API Endpoints


The most common way to retrieve an asset from the Content API is to use its relative URL.

The endpoint URL takes the form: + [relative url]

Where the relative url is either /front_page or the same suffix used in the public-facing News website.

So for example:

Content in other languages can be accessed in a similar way:

The full list of available languages can be found here.


The Recent Assets endpoint provides a list of the most recent assets to be published in a given section. The assets are ordered by their first published date with the most recent first.

The endpoint URL takes the form:<CPS_SECTION_PATH>

So for example:

Example Responses

Some examples of what the responses from the Content Store API look like.

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